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Mountain mourning


Appalachian folk is such amazing country music. It is so haunting and creepy: the manic plucking of the banjo, the wailing, screaking singing, and the raw, naked sound just evoke these images of dark pine woods, and forgotten little cotton farms with spiderweb on the walls and half-dying cats lying around… This piece is a traditional folk song, here performed by the Watson Family.

Piggy’s favorite kraut-rock!


Okay so I am not even sure what this song is about… I mean the title suggests that it has something to do with pigs, right..? What I do know however is that four bored US marines stationed in Germany got together and formed the proto-punk band of the 60s – the Monks! If you’ve never heard the Monks before, I suggest you buckle up, locate your emergency exits on your rear ends, and check your life vest cause this will surely knock you off your chair. ”Higgle-dy-Piggle-dy” is sooo kraut and lovingly monotonous, and since there are no lyrics really, we’ll just have to roll around in the dirt and dig it – like the pigs we are.

Waa waa… waalking birds!


This is country at its most fun! Sounding more like a kids TV theme than something coming out of a Nashville studio, ”Tennessee Bird Walk” is Jack&Misty’s big hit. The sparkling, bubbling waa waa sound of the song is amazing, along with its super catchy sliding guitar solo in the middle, the stick-like-super-glue chorus, and not to mention the lyrics about birds without feathers who therefore have to walk in dirty underwear! This is about the closest you’ll ever get to the ‘funky chicken’, aw-right?

Beware of the goldfish!


This next song is about a man and a magical goldfish. Hey! Hey! No laughing. This goldfish you see is very powerful and whoever finds it is granted three wishes. Hey! I said no laughing. Anyway, have a listen to this tale with an all-you-really-need-is-love-message. Deep Six were a band from Southern California who recorded some nice folk-rock stuff. Unfortunately, this is their only song about this magical fish. Come to think of it, why hasn´t David Lynch used the idea of a magic goldfish yet?

"What Would You Wish From The Golden Fish?"

Chestnut love!


Roger and his horse. It is weird, because ”Chestnut Mare” is almost ‘epic’ in its story-telling nostalgia of a lost American wilderness, at the same time as it is just utterly weird. Okay, this mare obviously stands for something more than ‘just a horse’ – but still: ”Well I was up on the stony ridge after this chestnut mare, been chasing her for weeks/Oh, I’d catch a glimpse of her every once in a while/Takin’ her meal, or bathin’/A fine lady”. As beautiful as the song might to be, hearing Roger McGuinn declare his love to this mare has a sliiightly obscure feeling to it (”I am gonna catch that horse if I can/… /She’ll be just like a wife”) Hmm, here it is anyway.

The Country Zoo: new theme at ”A Child’s Guide…”


So we are running out of dead guys, ok? Well maybe not running out… but I mean, how fun is yet another Jim Morrison in memorium (or even worse, Cobain, or John Lennon…) No no, let’s drop the mourning shall we? And let’s do something more fun, like singing about animals! Yep, this is our new theme: the Country Zoo! From now on, you guys will be dancing with apes and partying with giraffes. So put on your khaki hat dude, you’re going on a musical safari with ”A Child’s Guide” in the jeep.

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